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What is the next step after the OCD!?

Well the OCD individual can only go so far without a pocket full of cash. But if you bought the latest and the greatest Lamborghini, it's clear money ain't an issue.

We use premium chemicals for the other services as well...but for this one, we go nuts!

#LABOCOSMETICA in every step of the way. #CRONOS #P-RAY #PRIMUS #PURIFICA #ENERGO #VERITAS #VENERE #CUPIDO #PERFECTA #HIDRA #DUCTILE #OMNIA #DERMA #AQUAVELOX in conjunction with the Aqua Gleam water filter will deliver outstanding results!


Only a hand full of the chemicals are not made by #LABOCOSMETICA, the ati-fog agent, Gyon Q2, the glass polish, Auto Finesse Vision, engine bay cleaner Auto Glym, for example.

Oh, yeah, and the microfiber towels will all be virgin, never ever, ever,ever used before, straight out of the manufacturer package. All premium cloths 70/30 Korean blend, made by The Rag Company. To keep your car looking as new forever. No swirls, no scratches guaranteed!

And if you like that new car smell, we can use only #OMNIA, which does not have a scent, therefore  prolonging the freshly purchased vehicle smell. 



  1. Clean wheels and wheels arches. #PRIMUS #P-RAY

  2. Clean engine bay.

  3. Dry & apply dressing in the engine bay compartment. #HYDRA

  4. Snow foam the entire car. #PRIMUS

  5. Wash & dry the outside of the vehicle. #PURIFICA

  6. Remove tar spots.

  7. Remove limescale spots and acid rain spots. #ENERGO

  8. Chemical paint decontamination. #P-RAY

  9. Mechanical paint decontamination.

  10. Snow foam & rinse the car again, then dry it.

  11. Polish exhaust tips. #CRONOS

  12. Polish paint. #VENERE

  13. Apply nano-sealant combo #CUPIDO & #PEFECTA for up to 8 months of protection.

  14. Apply plastic trim dressing. #HYDRA

  15. Clean the windows and windshield.

  16. Apply rain repellent. #AQUAVELOX

  17. Apply anti fog treatment. 

  18. Apply tyre dressing.

  19. Final touch. #PERFECTA


  2. Garbage removal.

  3. Vacuum the whole interior.

  4. Clean the trim covered in ALCANTARA. #DUCTILE

  5. Clean textile components (seatbelts as well). #OMNIA

  6. Clean the plastics. #OMNIA

  7. Apply plastic trim dressing. #HYDRA

  8. Spray air-freshener.

  9. Hang a new air freshener.

  10. Clean windows & windscreen.

  11. Apply rain repellent. #AQUAVELOX

  12. Apply anti-fog treatment on the inside. Gyon Q2




Execution time: up to 32 hours

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