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          What is the difference between you an my local car wash?

First difference is: we travel to your location, so you don't have to waste time in traffic.

We use premium biodegradable chemicals and latest gen. utensils to deliver superior results.

Our technicians are passionate about cars and their work, and that will show in the results.

          What makes you better than my local car wash?

Saves you time, therefore money. Let's think about it for a second. When you use your local car wash, you must travel there and back, plus you factor in the time spent waiting for the car to get cleaned. That is 30 mins there, 30 mins of waiting and 30 mins to travel back. That is 1 h 30 mins. The gas to get there and back: £2. At a good car wash you pay £10 (including tips for the exterior, and £15 for the interior. That is a total of £25.

So to get your car cleaned at your local car wash would set you back £27 and 1 h 30 min.

To use us would cost you £3 more, but those £3 would save you the most precious thing of all: 1 hour and 30 mins from your life. 

          Why does it cost more?

Too keep it simple...premium quality will always come at a higher cost. You decide if having a swirl free car wash is worth it. Or you save a bunch of time travelling to the car wash and back.

          What is the best way to contact you?

Telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, all have the same effect: you will get an answer to your question.

          Do I need to be present while you do your job?

No. Leave the car keys with us and you can attend the more important things.

          Can I trust you?

Yes! Smart MCW staff is background and DBS checked, so your car is safe with us.

We are registered with HMRC and unlike the other mobile detailers, we display our HQ address on our website.

          After booking a service, do I need to be home?.

Depends on a few factors. If you have a safe place to leave the key, you can share that safe location with us and we will put the key back in the exact same place. Please see Terms & Conditions. We do not carry water tanks so we do need to have access to your tap, if the tap is in the locked area of your property, then you need to be home. Same goes for electricity. We need to plug in to your main. Lastly, we need access to the car, so if you have a gate, someone needs to let us in.

          Can I leave after I've let you in and you are all set up.

Yes why not, you must agree to make the payment before job completion and leave us the possibility to unplug from the mains and disconnect the water tap, and of course bear in mind we need to leave the property.

          What happens if the product or the detailer will ruin my paint?

The majority of the chemical products we use are Ph neutral and safe for any type of paint.

The detailers are experienced and know what they are doing so they won't damage anything.

          Still, lets say the paint will get damaged, what happens then?

Again our staff is highly skilled, so the chance of that happening is very little to none. But in the case our employees will damage your paint or any other part of your car for that matter, the insurance company will cover the repairs.

          Can we come to your location?

Unless you get the BERSERK! detailing service there is no need for that, we will come to you.

          Can I pay by card?

Yes.You can use to plastic to pay.​ Visa, VPay, Mastercard, Maestro, Discovery, American Express, Apple Pay, G Pay, all are accepted.

          Do I get a receipt?

Yes.We can provide a receipt. All we need is an email address to send it to. No paper receipt available though. Protecting the environment is something that we care about.

          What areas do you cover / How far are you able to travel to provide your services?

Depends on the type of service you are after. The maintenance washes can be provided on a 30 miles radius from our HQ. (LE17 4PR). Other services can be provided on a radius of up to 200 miles from our HQ.

          Do you provide services other than the ones listed on your website.

Yes, sir! Give us a call for a friendly chat, and we shall go from there.

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