When looking for the first time at Smart Mobile Car Wash & Auto Detailing retro logo design you will get the impression it is an old school detailing business, using old equipment and outdated cleaning products. However you could not be more wrong. At Smart MCW&AD we use only premium and up to date products that keep up with the modern paint formulas, plastic trims, rubbers and leather dye techniques.

          The same principle is valid when it comes to the utensils used in the detailing process. Either you are talking about microfiber towels, detailing brushes or clay bars; must be modern, must be premium quality, must be revolutionary so you will get the best result.

             Detailing is not just a glorified car wash like most people perceive it as. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes imagination to do this job properly and that is why our technicians are driven by passion and love for details.

When I started Smart Mobile Car Wash & Auto Detailing, having the cheapest services wasn’t on my radar. There are plenty of so called professional detailers which will make bald promises for little money, but will fail to deliver. When I started this business, I had one goal, deliver the best care services to the customers doorsteps. Doing a quick wipe-down and an equally quick hoover is not our thing. We want to impress you, we want you to go "wow that is amazing". We want to do a thorough job, cover all areas.

To get those results we will use only premium chemical products and modern techniques, utensils, tools and equipment.

That is the SMCW&AD philosophy! 

Owner & Operator Nick Leucian


The Difference is Always About the Details

From the door jambs, to ventilation vents; from shiny paint to clean leather, from gloveboxes to arm rests to different sized pockets and "secret compartments" is all about getting the details right the first time around.

Can you spot the differences in the pictures below?



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